ColoProctology Associates - Welcome y'all !!

Here you will find information about  Marcus M. Aquino,  MD, FACS, FASCRS, the surgical procedures he performs and about this medical practice.

You will also learn about our area of particular expertise ---- Precision Proctology,  which is essentially  'the fine art of getting to the "bottom" of your problem... and fixing it !'

Dr. Aquino is available to treat Medicare, privately insured and self paying patients.

ColoProctology Associates initially had professional suites in the Texas Medical Center/Museum District of Houston as well as the NASA/Clear Lake area, and has branched out, taking best surgical practice as performed in an international center of excellence, to outlying Galveston Bay areas.

Over the last 30 years, we have striven for one thing above quality service and care... TRUST...  Our patients usually leave our offices with a secure feeling, confident that their problems will be addressed in an honest and cost efficient attempt at successful resolution. They realize that Dr. Aquino approaches the patient's symptoms and signs as a good detective methodically analyzes a crime scene, looking for a reason behind every one,  and grouping them into a unifying diagnosis when possible.

Dr. Aquino is one of only three board certified Colon / Rectal surgeons in the entire Galveston Bay area, East of the Gulf Freeway. The practice has a catchment area extending well into Baytown / East Texas / Beaumont, TX  and SouthWest Louisiana / Lake Charles, LA.

In 2008, a new office was built in scenic Seabrook, TX.  We have used a mediterranean architectural style that gives the office a distinctive, yet inviting and comfortable atmosphere.  Feng Shui techniques have been used to enhance subconscious relaxation in our patients from the moment they enter the office.  Colonoscopy and proctologic surgery (hemorrhoidectomy/fissure/fistula repair etc.) are performed at this office. Special anesthetic techniques that involve a hybrid of general anesthesia, deep sedation and long acting local anesthetic nerve blocks are used during the surgical procedures.  As a result, we are capable of offering high quality, affordable surgery to cash paying patients and those with high deductibles.

In 2010, we  completed construction of an additional operating suite.  We are now able to offer umbilical and groin hernia repair at reasonable cash prices, in addition to the procedures mentioned above.  A full range of colon rectal surgery including robotically assisted procedures are offered at nearby hospitals.

Medical grade colonic irrigation equipment allows us to provide our patients with safe, high quality colonic irrigation to prepare for colonoscopy, thus avoiding the dreaded bowel prep.

Our private surgical center complies with AAA HC standards, a national accrediting body,  which regulates and mandates the highest patient safety and operating room compliance and standards.



ColoProctology Associates has offices in the NASA / Galveston Bay area at

2110 Seabrook Circle, Seabrook, TX 77586